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Free Website Monitoring Service
Get Instant Notification if your site goes down!

Solid Alert checks your website at regular intervals of 2 minutes or more and instantly alerts you via email or SMS message if it becomes unavailable. With our service you don't have to worry about losing a potential customer when your site is down. Our Service brings you complete peace of mind. A perfect Website Monitoring for your website.

OUR 24/7 MONITORING & Alert via Email / SMS:

1 Assures your site is up and running at all times.
2 Complete online experience for customers.
3 Reports down time of your website.
4 Reduction in cost of maintenance.

How it works?

Our Website Monitoring Service has several monitoring servers installed all over the world to run procedure based tests on your site at particular time intervals (every 2, 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes) 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year to assure that your customers and users get the best experience visiting your website. If more than one location detects a connection failure, an Email/SMS alert is sent to you immediately so that you can act on it.

Our service keeps track of these failures and creates detailed reports of the uptime/downtime of your website. You can view your reports daily, weekly or monthly. You can view your reports in your Control Panel. See the sample report from the menu above. We also send you monthly reports at your email so you can see the performance of your website.


I just want to say thanks for your terrific service. My ecommerce site needs to be available 100% of the time and when it isn't, I need to know.
- David C.

Essential Features

- Multiple Monitoring Stations
- Variable Monitoring Frequencies
- Alerts by Email or SMS
- Full Range of Monitoring ports
- No Software to Maintain / Install
- Uptime & Performance Stats
- Detailed Email Reports
- Lifetime Stats History
- Multiple Public Statistics
- Very Affordable SMS Alerts


Your website is your business as long as customers can reach it. Even if your website is up 99% of the time, this translates into over 7 hours per month where your customers cannot reach you.

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